Friday, May 21, 2004

Skype and Two C# Guys

Today, I finally broke down and walked across the street to Frys and picked up a head set so that I could use Skype. So what is Skype? I am so glad you asked, It is a really cool piece of software that allows you to make "calls" over the internet. It uses the "IP" (Internet Protocol) transfer your voice across the ether of the internet to the person receiving the call. Now there is a couple of things, the other person has to be on Skype as well, and there isn't a version for Macs or Linux yet. Ed and I played with it this afternoon, and it is amazing it sounds just as good as the regular landline phone. You don't need anything special except for a headset. If you have a microphone and speakers that will work too. My headset is just a $10 labtech unit and it sounds great. I think this is going to a great tool, and something we will use when working from home.

Two C# Guys
Ed and I have started something we hope is helpful. Not only for each other but for everyone. We've started a blog that we are co-authors on called Two C# Guys. We are going to put code snippet and post about some of the C# issues and projects we run into. It's about sharing the knowledge.

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