Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Be Careful About what you promise

Today at work, I was in an informal meeting with my boss and my boss' boss. We were talking about how one of the project that we hoped to have finished a month ago still isn't finished. Its due in part to people who should care and want it done, just not giving the project the time it deserves. Anyhow we were talking about new functions of the site that were tied to this project. One of them, I thought for sure we had done. It had been assigned to a person a couple of months back, and surely they had it done. So I told my boss' boss that we would generate the code that throw that page up on the site this afternoon. No problem right? As it turns out not so much. This one piece required some research and some terribly repeative copy and pasting (I hate that kind of work). So about a quarter of the research had been done and almost none of the coding. It was one of those things that just fell through that cracks like things sometimes do. Now of course, I had assumed it had all been done and was waiting and my boss's boss had been told it would be done today. Well I am happy to report that it was done today, with just about an hour to spare. I ended up just tearing into it, created an xml document for the data, an xsl to transform the data and used my handy dandy little html generator to create the html. Still even with the little utilities to help make it faster it was a lot more work than I initially thought it would be. However next time, I will check to make sure I have all the facts before I promise something like that.

I know I promised way back when that I would post my little html generator. I still haven't gone through and documented the code yet, but here it is anyway.

(Little disclamier: That the Software comes "as is", with no warranties. None whatsoever.
   This means no express, implied or statutory warranty, including without
   limitation, warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular
   purpose or any warranty of title or non-infringement. Also, you must pass
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