Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sunday Night Lights

Now, I know it is Wednesday, but I'm going to talk about Sunday, mostly because I just got the pictures back. Sunday was another one of the rain hard all day and leave you feeling cooped up for days, days. For those of you that don't know, here in the Los Angeles area we have gotten more rain in the past two weeks then we did all of last year. Oh, and all those jokes you hear about Californians not being able to drive in the rain. They are all compeletely true. I will never understand how someone in a lowered SUV with 20 inch rims and 4 video screens can thing that if they just drive fast enough that they can out run the rain drops. But I digress.  So sunday night I get the camera out knowing  I want to take pictures of the rain but not sure how or what. My Beautiful Wife takes me over to the kitchen window and shows me the rain falling off the flood lights in the backyard. I thought that would me a great picture once out there, I looked at the backdoor and loved the reflection I saw in the window. Both shots were taken at f8 on asa 200 film. The timing was the only thing that was different. The reflection of backdoor, had a shutter speed of  1 minute 30 seconds, and out the back door had a shutter speed of  24.7 seconds.  I now carry a stopwatch in my camera bag, it saves me from counting out loud and waking up the neighbors.

Reflections of the back door on a cold rainy night Posted by Hello

Out the back door on a cold rainy night  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A little Change

Well, Dad the other day asked me to change the sort order from newest to oldests, instead of oldest to newest. Welp, Its Done! There you go Pops.