Friday, May 13, 2005

Cycling Coverage for People without Cable

We don't have cable. I know that its hard to believe. Everyday on the train I go past the projects in LA and every single person there has Dish Network or DirectTV. (Your tax dollars hard at work there providing low income families with the basics like food and HBO). Anyways I digress, we don't have cable or satellite, it is an additional expense that we just don't need right now. However that are certian things that I would like to see. For example last year I wanted to see the Tour de France. My sweet Mother video taped all 21 days of the race for me. I enjoyed every tape, and it was really kind of her to do, but it was also a lot of work. This year, I wanted to watch the Giro D'italiana and the Tour de France. Well two things have happen'd my Folks have TiVo now, and they are on Satellite and they don't get OLN, which is the channel that covers the Tour de France, and most of the major ProTour cycling events.  

Well OLN has stepped up and figured that hey, there may be people out there with broadband internet access yet they don't have cable or satellite. Which is our case, so for $5.95 you can view the racing action online. So with the Giro D'Italiana I have been doing so. First I have to say that this is really nice, and that I hope enough people subscribe so that OLN will keep this going. That being said there is one thing I think that could be done better. One of the things I miss is hearing Phil Liggett, Paul Sherwen and Bob Roll, their commentary is great. They add so much to the action because I have so much respect for both of them.  If we had their commentary as we watched the footage from the webcast it would be awesome.

Testing and Haircuts

Hello All, I know it has been a while since I've posted anything. What can I say, I just haven't been able to think of anything to write lately. I've been studying like crazy to get my MCAD and MCSD certifications. I won't bore you with the level of techno dribble that I've been stuck in, I will only say that I can tell you what the enumerations for several classes include TRACE and DEBUG. In fact I can nearly write a complete set of post on it...but I won't...not today anyway. It is a beautiful sunshiny day here in Southern California, and I feel like being chatty.

Like I said earlier I am studying for my certifications. I actually took the first test about a week ago wednesday. How'd I do? I failed miserably. I came home telling my wife that I was going to have to learn to dig ditches for a living again, I was so upset by how badly I did. Fortunately they let you know which parts you did well and which parts you did less than perfect at. So after my Beautiful Wife talked me out of being a ditch digger and gave me a great pep talk (She really is the best!) I resolved to become an expert at the things I did the worst at. So I have really been studying taking notes, and thinking through the whole process and not just reading the material. In fact I won't let myself leave a page till I understand everything that is one it. So now when I take the test next week, I might just be ready for it....I hope.

In other news, the Little Boy is showing how advanced he truly his, he is doing things that most kids don't do till they are six or seven. For instance, he has just recently began styling his own hair. Yeah that's right, he got the scissors out and gave himself quite a stylish haircut. He calls his new hair creation the "D'oh". Apparently for this haircut to be done correctly one must find the only sharp pair of scissors in the entire house (personally, I didn't know we had any sharp scissors) and artfully remove erradic circles of hair from the back right quadrant and front left quadrant of the scalp. In a pattern akin to crop circles. While we let him know that we were very proud of his artistic and creative achievement, we warned him that next time it might be best if he had some adult supervision during his next endeavor. He reluctantly agreed.