Saturday, August 20, 2005

The correct Way to Backup a Truck.

I grew up driving trucks. Being that my family is in construction, and trucks and construction go to hand and hand it make sense that I learned to drive, trucks. In fact the first six months I had my license I would drive a D-50 dodge flatbed through downtown LA every day to pickup one of the guys we worked with and then would drive to Santa Monica. Also being in construction, you are always backing up to drop off or pick up materials. As if that wasn’t enough, my first driving lesson my Dad ever gave me was backing up. He said, if you can back a car up, the rest is easy. So needless to say, I thought I knew how to back a vehicle up till last night.

We are doing some concrete work in the back yard and need to go pick up some more concrete. Of course I can’t put 20 bags of 90lb concrete in the back of the camry, so I borrow brother K’s truck, which use to be Papa’s Truck. So we are at the big orange home store, buying concrete. And as you may know, I can’t borrow a truck without the Little Boy going with me. What can I say the Boy Loves trucks. Anyhow, so I have to back up to get the concrete in the back of the truck. I had to back up around a corner and miss shopping carts, building materials and other vehicles. So I start to back up, and the Little Boy jumps in the back seat of the truck, (its a club cab) and presses his nose right against the glass, and starts saying, “Okay, go left a little bit, right a little bit, stop, go forward Al right you got it, good job, keep going, keep going, you did it!”It was so darn cute. So next time I back up a truck, I’ll need the assistance of our back seat drivin’ Little Boy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sis' trip to Indy

Well, Sis is off to Indy for Gencon. It's one of the biggest gaming conventions there is. These people like to dress up for the occasion, which is where she fits in. My Sister makes some of the most beautiful costumes you've ever seen. She is flying over there for the conventions and being the nervous geek I am I had to track her flight. Of course I didn't want to have to hit refresh each time to see how her flight was going so I wrote something to do that for me.

Monday, August 15, 2005

A Few Changes in the Line Up

Okay, well as you can see the blog is looking a little different. I had to revert back to a standard template, because my friends web server that was hosting the images and the style sheets went down for a little bit. So I am using a "standard" template which I have changed to have most of the features I had on the previous version. So I guess this is version 1.52.

Also this morning I added a new link to the link section call "Where are you from?". This is a pretty cool service that tells you where people that visit this blog are coming from. You'll see the first one is from Burbank, CA, which is where I work. It uses google maps API and some geo-coding information form the ISPs to do this.

Hybrid Supercar Build My Highschoolers

This story is definitely refreshing. Instead of youth gone wild, we have youth gone engineering. So innercity high schools students team up with some engineering students and the results are stunning. The results are a Hybrid Supercar can do 0-60 in the low 4-seconds and can get 50mpg. The car is call "The Attack" and looks just as good as it performs. This is a solution better than the big three could come up with. The fueled engine it uses, runs on biodesiel. How brilliant is that!

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