Monday, May 17, 2004

Renfaire Wedding

This weekend My Beautiful Wife and I went to a Wedding that was being held at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. This was the first Renaissance wedding we have attended, and I have to admit it was a lot of fun. Not many weddings have musicians in Elizabethan costumes, or MooNie the Magnificent. The food was reall good and the weather was very nice. The wedding was lovely, and it really fit the couple well. One of the more interesting events was the toast. They did a 1530s style toast. How this goes, is a little different then the normal best man toast. The Best man stands up, and then the Bride and Groom do as well, each putting their right hand on the left shoulder of the person in from of them. Then they walk around the dinning tables and each person is to follow suite, until everyone at the wedding is following behind. It sort of looks like the Elizabethan version of a congo line. Once everyone is on the party train the best man circles the group around and around till they are in a tight circle around the couple. Then the toasts start. It was very nice and makes everyone feel like a part of the wedding instead of just a spectator.

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