Friday, March 18, 2005

Wakin up is hard to do.

This morning, I couldn't wake up. I had planned on getting up early and walking to the train. That didn't happen. Instead I got up set the alarm forward an hour and then went back to bed. Laying in bed, not quite asleep, but not quite awake, the Little Boy and Max the wonder Dog come crashing in. Truth betold, I think this is the best way to wake up. The Little Boy is always so happy in the mornings and happy to see you and glad for the new day. Max of course is so funny, I think he forgets that he just saw you like 8 hours ago, and is so excited to see you that he can't control his little self. So you have to two extremely happy creatures coming in to say good morning to you, you can't but help to be glad to get up. So we wake up and My Beautiful Wife, The Little Boy and I are on the bed. Max the wonder Dog knows that he is not allowed on the bed, so he has everything but one toe of his right hind foot on the bed. Even the dog know that technically he is not completely on the bed. The Little Boy then distributes knuckle nuggies to everyone, the dog included, and keeps saying the sun is up, wake up. Then faintly in the background I hear the "eeett, eeett, eeett" of the alarm clock. I get up and walk across the room turn it off, and think, there are better ways to wake up then with an alarm clock.