Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A cubicle with a View

So for the past week or so I haven't been in my usually cubicle at work. My usually cubicle is situated right next to my workmates and the window. So I can look out the window and at least get the feeling like I am close to being outside. It isn't a bad setup at all, and I quite like it. There is a drawback however, rain. For some reason the roof doesn't do quite the job is should of keeping the rain out of the walls. so they've had to remove the drywall above my cubicle, let it dryout and then they will replace it. Well, till they get that all finished I am banished from my cubicle. It fact it is completely covered in plastic. So I had to move to another desk down the hall, one where there are cubicle walls 5 feet high. It is a little bigger than my cube, but it feels really small. So till they get all of the patching done, I am stuck in a gray/blue cube, walled in and waiting for a cubicle with a view.