Sunday, February 22, 2004

Is that a Peacock in my livingroom or are you just happy to see me

So Friday I didn't have much excitement. I worked from home. I was going to drive in for the interview we had for the eMarketing position, I got about halfway there and my boss (The coolest boss in the whole world ) called and said, 'hey, if you haven't already just turn around and go back home'. And being that I had already been driving an hour and the way traffic was going it was going to be another hour before I got to work. I took his very wise advice. So I had them call me in to the interview and I did my part on the cell phone on the way back home.

Oh, on Friday Scott Hanselman was going to be on .NET Rocks. And I made sure I told everyone at work that would even be remotely interested. So what did I do? I forgot that it was on 9am PT and missed it! D'oh!

Friday night, over at the Folk's playing darts on the new dartboard my brother had just bought for Dad. (It's a really nice one, way to go big-little brother!) So we are joking around and I let something out of my mouth that was sharper and flew truer than the darts. You see Dad has been a city inspector now for about a year and four months. Before he was, we always had this saying about inspectors, but no one had said it since Dad became one. So I did. <quote src=”me”>You know what they say big-little brother, those that don't do, inspect!</quote> So my two brothers, I and my Dad and laughing so hard we are crying. What can I say, it had to be done. Of course Dad has a great sense of humor, and took it great!

Saturday I worked from home, on getting content into the CMS. It's a lot of tedium but in the end it is going to be a good thing. Saturday night we went to my Folks house, for my Cousin's anniversary dinner. What can I say never a dull moment at the Folks'.

Today was a nice day, this afternoon My Beautiful Wife and I where just relaxing and decided to go to the movies. We saw “Something's Gotta Give”. It is the second time we've seen it and we laughed harder than the first time! It's a great movie and very funny, however it is not made for the 18-35 year old demographic. You need a little life experience to get how funny this movie is.

Anyhow so we come home and what do I see in my living room? A peacock! No, I am not talking about the terrible sunday night lineup on NBC, I mean a real life, bird brain, crapping on the carpet peacock! I have to admit this took me back a moment. It isn't everyday that you walk into your living room and see live poultry.

It seems that my step-daughter's friend found it and brought it over for us to see. I don't like birds, I really don't! All I can say is being 10 years old and watching Alfred Hitchcock's “The Birds” at 2am will scar anyone for life, okay! So they are telling me what the thing eats (mind you there is a flippin' peacock in my living room!) and so I ask how it feels about garlic. The look at me with a puzzled look and I suggested that it would be best served with garlic and walked out of the room.

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