Wednesday, February 25, 2004

things to do at 3:30 AM

I guess I couldn't sleep last night. So at about 3:30am I gave up trying to. Now there are a couple things you can do at 3:30, I mean hey, the 7-11 is open, some of the finest informercials are on at that time. So what would I do? Humm, I think I'ill start studying and creating an XML Schema for our real estate rates at work. Now, I know what you are think, 'hey man, you can't have that kind of fun at the time of the morning, it is illegal or something.' And in all truth it should be, but it isn't.

So I started looking around for some good sites on XML Schema. The first site the showed up on my google search was of course the W3C. They are the people that create most of the standards that are using on the internet link HTML,XML and XHTML. I am thankful they are there, but I have never been able to sucessfully read any of the documentation on their site. So I looked a little more and I found w3school. This was a little more like it, they broke the content in to byte size pieces, and in an hour I had the startings of my first XML Schema.

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