Thursday, February 19, 2004

Blog Blog fun for boys and girls

So I was listening to dontNetRocks and Robert Scoble was the guest for their November 04, 03 show.<warning>This is a geek radio show put on my computer nerds and geeks for computer nerds and geeks, yes they wear glasses with tape in the middle and pocket protectors and yes I am sure they can quote every line from the entire Monty Python library. However they are specifically discussing the programming language that I write in more of everyday than I do english, so I have to listen.</warning>

And it was all about blogging. Which was pretty cool. One of the sites them mentioned in the show is a site called Feedster is the google of blogs. Which is very nice. So I thought lets see if my little blog was on it. It was, I was amazed, I did a search on "BBQ and the ZOO" , the title of my blog on Monday, Feb 16th, and it came up, not only did it come up but it came up in the second position. (Whoa!) So I now have search on my blog, and it uses feedster as it's search engine!

It has been fairly quiet here today. Infact it has been almost 24 hrs since I threw my little hissy fit walked away from my desk and threaten not to come back. Everyone was very nice to me today and just wanted to know if I was okay. (IE these are the people that won't be targets when the repeater rifle and belltower scene plays out) Anyhow today is nice and quiet and I am gettings lots of work done!

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