Monday, February 23, 2004

.Net Rocks and the CMS goes on

So I finally got to hear the .NET Rocks show with Scott Hanselman. Well what can I say, the guy is brilliant. He introduced a concept that was very new to me, but instantly made sense. It's called "Declarative Programming". He talked about writing code that generated the code for you. So you write an XML schema that follows the business logic of the application you are writing. Then you write an engine to render your schema. So now you can change parts of the schema at will, without having to rewrite all of your code. Also you can test sooner and faster. Like I said, this is a new concept to me, but I plan on studying it.

I am still working at putting the content in to the CMS. I have approximately 120 pages of the site in the CMS now. It is looking really good. Now I have to track down all of those pesky orphan pages and give them some structure. Also I think that I am going to rewrite the Site Map page to take advantage of the fact the CMS is so structured. That way I never have to update the Site Map. I can just let the CMS take care of that.

Well, my handy dandy Sony laptop just keeps plugging away. I took it to work today, because I usually do so work on the train or work at home, and needed to sync up with my station at work. Man, am I glad I did, It seems this weekend the power supply or more specifically the power supply fan had felt the need to give up the ghost. The fan still spins, kind of, it sounds terrible and you just know that at any minute that the thing is going to freeze up. So I worked from my laptop today, and left the workstation shut down. That means this little machine has been going for almost 14 hours today. What a great computer. It's hard to believe it is already three years old. This laptop is more reliable then some people I know.

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