Sunday, January 11, 2004

Well it was just another beautiful winters day in L.A. I went into work this morning and got what I need done, done. It actually went pretty well. We were having an issue with one of our Dell Servers. Every time we went to check the network properties it would flicker and close the properties window. So I did the easiest thing first. I uninstalled the NIC driver and reinstalled it. Viola`, back in business.

So I just fixed the intranet web server and saved a bunch of time, what am I going to do now? I'm going to Disneyland! And that is just what we did.(This is where being an Annual Passholder comes in nicely) When I got home, called my Folks and we (My Beautiful Wife and the Little Boy) met them down at the park. It was a beautiful afternoon. 77 degrees and blue sky's. (Now that is what I can winter!) We had great time. When went on the Autopia, which is the Little Boys favorite ride. Somehow, someway, My Dad, The Little Boy and I squeezed in to one car. The Boy steered, I manned the gas pedal, and Dad laughed all the way through the ride.

Next was Pirates of the Caribbean. Now this was my favorite ride when I was a kid and it is become one of the Boy's favorites too! So we scurried aboard. And we were off going through treasure troves, in between pirate ships and forts, and a quick trip to tortuga. By the end of the ride we were all singing "A Pirates Life for Me". Of course, none of us were singing in the same key, and if there was some harmony thrown in there, it was completely accidental.

After that we went to the "Golden Horse Shoe" to see Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. This is such a great show. They are bluegrass musicians with a sense of humor and gobs of talent. There is nothing like the bluegrass version of the Beatles "She's Got a Ticket to Ride" when they are wearing overalls and moptop wigs!

We had dinner at the Plaza Inn, which was very nice. It was great to get to spend an afternoon with Mom and Dad, My Beautiful Wife, and the Little Boy. It's days like today that make you remember why you work so hard during the week.

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