Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Well, I just loaded NewsGator in to my Outlook here at work. It is a really nice RSS reader. It really intgrates in to Outlook very well. Also I love the fact that it has a feature that lets you update your blog from within Outlook. Now it will look like I am workin' when I am bloggin'. I really like the way that it displays feeds. I am going to test it for a couple more days. But the way it looks right now, I am going to have to buy it. I was using clevercactus, and that works really good for me at home, but at work it just isn't powerful enough. Well, I don't know if it's that or, that it just doesn't seem to fit in to my workflow here at work.

Today has been another day of lots of work, but your not sure what you did. I mean I did some graphics work for the marketing department and it was even fun. But as a rule, if you are a web developer, try to hide how good you are at graphic design. You will be asked to pull double duty.

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