Wednesday, January 14, 2004

So last night, we went out and got the new Crystal Method album "Legion of Boom". I have been eagerly anticipating this release/ I really love this album. It keeps with the same groove that you would expect from them, however you can hear them growing as artist. There are some great collabrations on this album. One of them happens to be with Wes Borland. (Gutarist of Limp Bizkit fame) So, yes you are going to hear guitars on a Crystal Method Album. Songs like "Weapons of Mass Distortion" show that Method knows what to do with great guitar tracks, and Wes' playing is solid. Also there are some great vocal tracks on this album. "Born to Slow" and "Wide Open" have good lyrics and feel a little different them most Method songs, but they are really good. It shows the Method growing, and that is a good thing!

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