Thursday, January 01, 2004

Dog as a sick again today. However I did get the server <happydance value="true">back up</happydance>. Which was a big thing. It had really been a fight. I thought hosting company was working on it. So I called last night at 5pm to see how things were, and they hadn't even started. I was suppose to fill out some form, that none of the other 6 people I had talked with over there had even thought of mentioning. So I had to go in this morning and start a fire under the hosting company. Fortunately everything was basicly up and running by Noon. It was kind of nice being in the office today, no one was there and I was able to focus. I got the server back, and while I was waiting on process, I worked on my C# project. I got my stored procedures done, and geek stuff like that. I listened to a stream of KCRW through iTunes this morning.They had this cool program on called "Basement Tracks", it was great, it was all over the place. So I was at work, had the speakers cranked, life was good. Well as good as it gets being sick and having to work on new years day.

I picked up the guitar tonight and played along with some "Third Eye Blind". A lyric from one of there songs got stuck in my head. <quote author="Stephen Jenkins"> when you start talking I need a prozac...this drama is a bore and I don't want to play no more </quote>. What can I say, the resident Drama Queen created some well, Drama. Anyhow it felt good to play a little. Even if it was in between sneezes, coughs and blowing my nose on the socks.(Poor socks, they have to deal with feet and me blowing my nose on them) Now, I know what you are thinking, Eww, he blows his nose on his socks, well, in the first place they are usually, clean (I hoping), Secondly, Lets just consider it a vice. I mean some men gamble, drink, womenize, drugs, drink and gamble, gamble and drink, drink and womanize, drink, drugs and gamble, well you get the idea of the combinations possible. Me, I blow my nose on socks. Doesn't seem nearly as bad as the others now does it.

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