Tuesday, December 30, 2003

So the quote of road trip was from the little boy. <quote source="the little boy">Stop the car, poopy butt </quote>

I thought that was funny. Of course the idea of hearing it every half-hour not so much. It was good trip. There is something so freeing about just hoping in the car and driving through to another place, another state.

Getting to see and experience a slower pace of life was really wonderful. And getting to see my Wife interact and spend time with her Sisters, and Brother was really heartwarming. I know that she had a good time. The little boy got to play with his cousins from Oklahoma, which was so nice for him. Sometimes I think that the open spaces and slower way of life is what I want. I don't really know. I mean I am so use to everything being just around the corner. In two miles from the house we have the grocery stores, wal-mart, home depot, movie theatre, restaurants even a guitar center. In Skull Valley it is a half hour drive into town. There is always the internet, I know, but, it's all what you are use to.

I was a little disappointed, but not entirely surprised that the Sprint Wireless modem didn't connect out there in Skull Valley, AZ. Being that the Phoneix was a good 100 miles away and it was 15 miles through the hills to Prescott. Since the card is completely digital, it couldn't connect to the analog signal out there. But the cellphone worked great, no problems there. Important lesson learned. <lesson_learned>Always take the laptop</lesson_learned>. It's funny how it felt weird not getting online for 4 days. It was probably a good thing though.

Worked on my C# project some more today. Man, I am really getting into C#. Ed said that he couldn't go back to VB after working with it, and I see why. The structure is just so nice.

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