Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Well, what a day. I have been sick as a dog. Our external web server in Georgia got a virus and had to be rebuild. It is suppose to be up at 5pm PT. So I am sitting here, while everyone else left at 3pm because it is new years eve. I am going to have to compare all of the files, because the backup the Hosting Company has is from the day before. All in a days work right?

Well, I have got to have a little fun today, in between the stresses of the day I install "LongHorn" (next version if Microsoft Windows) in VMWare. So far it is pretty cool. It seems to be running in VMWare a little slow, but since I don't want to dedicate a machine to it right now, it will have to do. Funny enough, I think it looks like Linux.

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