Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday at the Races

Well, my vacation officially started Friday night. Which also happened to be the same day that my Cousins came into town. So Friday night we got together for a little bit just to say hi. You see I took my vacation to correspond with theirs.

Saturday we went to the races. The Saturday night races at LACR is a great thing to see. You get see the future motorcross starts as well as some of the veterans ride. My favorite part was watching the kids race. These little kids not only have skills but heart. One of my favorite announcements was when the announcer was reading off the name of the rider and their sponsor (Yes, these 8 year olds are sponsored). The one that got my attention was ‘Little Timmy’ being sponsored by “Grandma”.

It was nice to see motorcross being such a family sport. The races started with the youngest and then went to the veteran and then to amateur classes. So the kids would race first, which meant the Dads and Moms would be in the stands cheering for the kids. Then after the kids would race, and then the kids would storm the stands still all decked out in their race gear and would cheer for Mom or Dad as they raced. It was really kind of heartwarming.


cousin Juwelz said...

Okay! Where are the awsome, cool
photos you took. I'm anxious to see them. 'Cause it is fun to check out the next pic or two you have taken.

SkEater ~01 said...

Where's the pics?

Juwelz said...

oops! foregot to add them
to my question.
Hope to see them or at least one.

Russ said...

I tell you what, well as J to add them to his blog.