Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Last Week

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything. Last week I was on vacation and this week, I was overwhelmed getting back in to work mode. Not only that but my trusty Dell D800 laptop decided that I had been working it to hard and it took a vacation as well.

So last week was my first vacation in a while. I took time off to get a break from work and to spend some time with my Cousins from West Virgina. It was a great time. So here is a Day by Day break down.

Disneyland on Monday (Talk like a pirate day). My Sister, Dad, Mom and Cousin dressed up like pirates of all things. I in my weak attempt to join in the realvery wore my pirates of the Caribbean shirt. Brother J went and looked slick as always. However I did have my camera slung over my neck for that authentic tourist look. We had good time. First ride we hit was the newly redone Space Mountian. It is fast and smooth and has amazing visuals. Being that I had been on the ride before, I knew where the camera was, so without letting anyone know, I snuck my sunglasses back on and smiled big for the camera. Everyone else had either a surprised look, a loving the speed look or a white knuckle look, and there I am with my glasses and a big smile. I'll have to post the picture later. We hopped between Disneyland and California Adventure all day. Funny enough we saved Pirates for the last ride of the day. As we got out of the ride, that is when all of the thunder and lightning started. It was actually quite beautiful. Better then the fireworks if you ask me.

Tuesday, was the "doctors" appointment. Which I found out that sometimes the boys will get an infection from time to time. Of course I didn't know this because most men will talk about sports and women's anatomy with fervor, yet little things like health issues always seem to fall to the way side. After that it was over to my brothers to play video games with him and my cousins. There is nothing like four controllers and artificial engine sounds, and screeching tires to bring you closer to your family.

Wednesday was a little rough. Poor Rufus...well he had pneumonia, and couldn't hardly breath on his own anymore, so we had to put him down. The poor cat survived countless fights with other cats, losing an eye, losing his vision in that eye, and in the end it was pneumonia, that got him. I miss that old Cat. We had him since 1987. He was with me when we heard grunge rock for the first time. I do have to say he called it right, when he said that it was a fad. Dad came home early from work and when with me, which I appreciated. That was really hard to do, and I wore my sunglasses the whole time, so they wouldn't see me tearing up. But I think they did anyhow. Sis has a post with a picture of the old man.

After he lost his eye, we all started calling him the old man. Before that he was know as the mighty hunter. He was an outdoor cat for most of his life, so he really was a mighty hunter. The amount of birds he caught was astounding. Once he sat on the fence between our yard and the neighbors that was covered in Ivy and just sat and waited, then as a piegon flew by he jumped up and took the bird our of the air.

Thursday, well we went to the beach. We went to Will Rogers state beach so that we could pay too much for parking. It was nice, My cousins fed the seagulls bread and they ate it all. Again, I had the camera around my neck for the perfect tourist outfit. We had lunch at some place on the pier. Then the traditional two hours drove home in L.A. traffic.

Friday, well, I finally had to do chores. Change the oil in the car. You know the kind of stuff you have to do. However friday night, we watched Winged Migration. This is a stunning film, I highly recommend renting it.

Saturday was the big BBQ. I think we went though a whole cow. Can't remember much else because of the food coma.

Sunday, While doing some yard work got stung by a wasp, and had my arm swell up. So I road the antihistimine roller coaster of sleep and drowsiness for the rest of the day. I'm planning on using this later to get out of more yard work.

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PixieStitch said...

Your fault!

Alright buster, I hope you're happy! You got me feeling all sappy after that post, and I had to plaster my blog entry with pictures of our mighty hunter. *hugs* Love yah Bro.