Friday, September 30, 2005

Changing of the Seasons

It has come to my attention that some people are under the misconception that we do not have four seasons here in Southern California. However nothing could be further from the truth. While I do submit that we don’t have the traditional four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. We do have four seasons none the less.  In fact this week is the turning of one season to the next. While I know most of you are thing it is change from summer to fall. It is actually changing from summer to fire season. Currently a good portion of the San Fernando valley is ablaze as well as it’s little brother burbank. 

Maybe I should explain our seasons. Unlike typical seasons, ours are not dictated by time but conditions. We have the rainy/flooding season, summer, fire season and earthquake season. Interestingly enough we can have several of the seasons going at the same time. If you have the latter two occurring at the same time, we call that shake and bake.

One of the factors about living in LA exciting is because of the “seasons” we have, we can’t get insurance for any of them. If you live in a fire area, you can’t get fire insurance, and because a fire will surely come and burn away the vegetation you can’t get flood insurance, because in the next rainy/flood season the water and mud will take out the house the the firefighters just months ago worked so hard to save. Of course if the house survives the fires and the floods their is always the earthquakes. And so continues the Southern Californian circle of Life and Inflated Real Estate Prices.

With that being said, I would take a rainy/fire/earthquake over a hurricane or tornado any day. My heart really goes out to those people in New Orleans, and Mississippi, who haven’t been able to go back to there homes, or even worst have no homes to go back too.

Something I’ve always found interesting about Southern California is new years day. Somehow it always works out that it is sunny and beautiful, even if it is a bit on the cool side (50 degrees or so). So when people in states that have winter are watching the rose parade on TV, it looks like the ideal place to live. An so the seasons continue.

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