Thursday, November 04, 2004

Gopher It!

Yesterday, I was in a implementation meeting and of course I got tasked with creating some photoshop comps of what it should look like. One of the examples we saw had a clipart gopher, and the caption, gopher information. While it was kind of clever, it wasn't terribly professional, so everyone made fun of it a little bit. Of course one of the final comments about the designs was that none of our designs would have rodents in them. And I agree, but I never did get the idea of a gopher on line chatting with people out of my head. So the image you see is the product of, photoshop, and google, and my wacked imagination. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...


Um, brother Dear, is Gopher really spelled Gohper like in the picture?
Of course to be fair, I didn't notice dad did. So I am just as syldexic as you. *smile*

Russ said...

Well of course it is spelled "Gopher" in english, but I was typing in a dialect known as corporate request overload english. And in that dialect, either spelling is acceptable. Oh, and my co-workers didn't notice either.