Sunday, November 07, 2004

Reflections of light

Photographers know that to get the perfect picture it is all about the light. The strength of the light source, the direction and angle of the light has to be taken into account. With all of these variables in place and correctly manipulated, then and only then can you create the depth, feeling and emotion that you are trying to convey in your image. Science says that light is both particle and waves. In fact there is a whole spectrum of light, with white being the combination of the light spectrum and black being the absence of light. Philosophers say that light is merely the perception of our environment. That if the light were changed, so to would our perception be changed.

So what if there was no light. As in you couldn't see light then wouldn't all of those definitions be meaningless?  Without light, what would a photograph be? Wouldn't it be just a piece of paper that is linked in our mind to a memory? Without light, wouldn't our environment be made up of sounds, feelings, textures and emotions? Well with that being the case then the light in our lives would be our family and friends, the people and places that make up our life.

There is a lot of light in life. I can't smell lavender with out thinking of my Grandma K. Not so much because she wore it, but because it is one of her favorite colors. And of course when I think of her, I light up, remember how she always use to ask our Mom if we could have some candy or gum, of course, she would spell out C A N D Y, or G U M. We were the only kids I knew that could spell those two words at the age of 3.

I can't hear Classical Gas without thinking of my Grandpa K. I fondly remember standing in his leaving room listening to Mason Williams' Classical Gas for the first time and the goose bumps it left on my little arms. Or the time Grandpa, Dad and I walked into the "Stereo Department" at Fedco in Pasadena, and listened to this beautiful piano piece, on these outstanding ADS speakers that were so accurate you could here the pianist fingers striking the keys.

I can't hear a V8 engine roar without thinking about my Dad's old Dodge truck and all the work we put into that thing, changing the motor out, and putting a 440 engine in it. Or setting off the neighbor's car alarm, when you would blimp the throttle (Yes, we did it more then once, and yes every time we did it, it was on purpose). I can remember play name that tune to classic rock, and conversations ranging from electrical theory to, not being reckless with someone else heart.

I can't smell acrylic paint with out thinking of my Mom painting the most beautiful statues and lamps. I can't feel a crocheted blanket without thinking of and feeling the love that she wove in to everyone. Anyone that received one as a present knew, that it was a real honor, and something that came from a loving artisan. To this day, when I don't feel good, I grab my crocheted blanket to feel comforted. (No, it's not a wobbie)

I can't smell fresh morning dew on grass and not think about my brothers, sister and I getting up, to play on the swing set or play hide and go seek, or even, (much to Mom's chagrin) climb up the apricot tree and then climb on the roof of the house. There were four of us, so there was always a way of playing a team sport. Even if that team sport was all four of us teaming up against Dad at wrestling. (I don't ever think we ver won that event, but then again the East German judge didn't like children)

There are new reflections of light in my mind as well. Saying "I do...I will" at my wedding and kissing my Beautiful Wife. Just hearing her voice is one too! Hearing the Little Boy laugh his mischievous little giggle, which means you know he did something he wasn't suppose to, but chances are, he will get away with it anyhow because he is just so darn cute. Heck even seeing Max the wonder puppy jump up and high center himself on the couch this morning is one. (My Beautiful Wife, said I enjoyed that one maybe a little too much)

It's hard with having to work so hard, and do so much to not miss any of them. The truth is I do miss more of them then I care to say. There are some things I don't get to see firsthand. So those pieces of light get reflected to me, just as I have reflected a few to you just now.


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I think that your blog site regarding
this "reflections of light" can bring
a little reflection of light to many others
who may read this. Ironically, my eyes sightly
watery, yet my face with almost a complete smile.
I, to, have fond thoughts of a few members in my family.