Monday, November 01, 2004

Loud Music

Today I drove to work. That doesn't happen that often. Most of the time I take the train. While the train is great because you don't have to sit in traffic, you are sharing a space with other people. Of course I always have my iPod with me, and I can crank the head phones, but that isn't the same as being able to just crank the music so loud that you can feel it. So driving down the 210 this evening, at a whopping 17 mph, I cranked the music and opened the sunroof. It occured to me that you do need to listen to music really loud. There are little musically phrases that you just don't hear at low volumes. Also there is a comfort in the music surrounding you like a warm blanket. Being able to feel the bass notes in your chest and through your body, making you feel a part of the music. It's like the louder it is the easier it is to be emotional connected to the song. What can I say, grandpa K was right, you have to listen to it loud.

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Anonymous said...


Yup yup, indeed.
There was one song on a soundtrack, that I didn't particularly care for. Most of the time because it was turned down and couldn't really hear it. However after listening to it on headphones, and for the first time really hearing it, it suddenly grew on me. Some times, you just have to turn the volume up. :)