Monday, May 24, 2004

Words, Words, Words

So the Little Boy's speech is getting better and better everyday. The funny thing about that is now he will go through his whole dictionary of words stringing them together for his own entertainment. (note: when the Little Boy calls out your name and strings it together with a vehicle, a color, a food, a smell and adjective, don't take it personally, however if your Wife does, that is a different matter completely) This is a dangerous time, but not for him, for us. He is at the parroting stage. However it isn't right after you said it. It's two hours to four days later. So you really have to watch what you say. You tell the dog 'you stink, bad dog', and two days later, the Little Boy is telling the some random kid at the park the same thing. Fortunately we can blame the school systems, being that he is in pre-school. 

There are a lot of words he knows, and by knows I mean he understand what they mean. Usually there are driving instructions that are yelled out from the back seat when I am driving. Like 'turn here' or even worse 'turn here NOW!', when we pass the toy store on the way to walmart.(I don't go that way any more, It takes ten minutes more to go the long way, but I feel it is worth it.) And the 'No No, No, turn here please' when I keep on driving. Of course if you are really driving poorly (which apparently I do quite often. I use to think I was such a good driver.) you hear "Stop the Car, Please!".

A new phrase that has entered the Little Boy's repertoire is "No NEVER!". He picked up this little gem from the movie "Peter Pan".  However he doesn't quite get how to use it. For example:

Me: "Would you like a glass of milk?"

Little Boy: "No NEVER!"

Me: *hand Little Boy glass of milk*

Little Boy: *Drinks it in two gulps*

Me: "Was that good?"

Little Boy: "No NEVER!, more please?"

So it makes me wonder what other phrases are going to be like that. I wonder what will be the next thing he says that will be my mental "quote of the week". He is growing so fast, and really starting to get use to using this strange language we call english. He has come so far, but still has more work to come. My Beautiful Wife and I were talking about this while doing some grocery shopping tonight. It must of been a sight to see two adults going down the isles saying "No NEVER!"

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