Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Custom Controls in ASP.NET

Tonight I wrote my first custom control. I was at a point with this project I am reworking a little bit, where I didn't want to have to create the same set of controls four times. I have no idea why I haven't done it before. I guess I was just to stuck in the old ways of doing things. I can't tell you how hard it rocks. I wrote the control, imported the control into VS, and used it. It worked first time! (now that never happens when you are trying something for the first time). I simple followed along with a great article at The article "Building ASP.NET User and Server Controls, Part 2 By Solomon Shaffer" is a great start. I followed along with the article and had my custom control built in about a half an hour. Mr. Shaffer's article is very easy to follow and he does an excellent job of getting to the real code and methods behind building a custom control. Everything I had read on Custom Controls before was so high level, that it didn't really do me much good. However this article makes it easy.

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