Thursday, January 22, 2004

Today was another Thursday. I had tons to do at work, but had to solve other people's issues. (grrrrr) So as far as I can figure it, I only spent ten minutes working on my stuff today. However I did somehow keep a good mood, despite the fact I am being buried in others work. We still haven't gotten everything straighten out with the vendor we are buying our CMS solution from, so it looks like we aren't getting it till next week. So on the 26th I will get it. At least they don't expect me to have it done by the 31st as original projected.

Through the rain there is some sun. I run two monitors at work, and the left side one was a CRT 19" Dell. It was getting blurring and being that I run the resolution really high, it accentuated this problem. So today it got replaced with a 18" Flat screen Dell, which is identical to the right side monitor. So now I have more desk space (a 19" CRT takes a ton of room) and two rockin Flat Screens. All I need is two more!

It was really nice to get home before 6:30pm tonight. That hasn't happen'd in a while. I caught an earlier train and walk the 8 blocks from the train station to the house. It was a wonderful evening for taking a walk. A little brisk, but just really nice. As I walked down the street, I could smell everyone's dinner cookin'. This house on the right is having Chili, and this one over here is grill hamburgers and hot dogs. So I picked up my pace, because I was starting to get hungry.

On the way home, there is a little park. And there is where the Cheer Nazi does her work. You see it is dark outside and brisk but the Cheer Nazi doesn't care. She has what could be bright young women out there in the cold, in the dark practicing "the Perfect Cheer" until these girls pass out. This really bothers me, I mean these young women could be come doctors or scientist, to really make a difference in the future but no, she is turning them in to cheerleaders, yeah, cheerleaders. Bottle blonde, perpetually smiling, snooty, 'like oh my god', cheerleaders. I tell you the thought if it just makes me sick. Now, I know that some one is going to say, Hey, I was a cheerleader. And to that I ask one question, what did cheerleading teach you that you use in your day to day adult life. And please no "Miss America" answers. I want a really answer.

So this women (the Cheer Nazi) is out there screaming at these girls, 'no, no, no, do it again but right this time'. What pleasure can she possibly get from screaming at teenage girls ( I mean besides the obvious) to step to the exact rhythm of the stupid teeny bopper on the boombox. Is she creating a army of cheerleaders to take over the world?

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