Tuesday, January 20, 2004

So, I take the train back and forth to work. I find that most of us computer geeks have an issue with driving in traffic. Now, don't get me wrong, we love to drive, just fast, and without cars in the way. I am of course this way, that is why I take the train.

Interestingly enough, I get to meet all kinds of interesting people on the train, Computer Programmers, IT professional, TV Syndication Experts, Marketing Gurus. There is always something to talk about and it makes the train ride go fast. But then there are days, when it is a long lonely ride and the only company you have is the book that you brought. Sometimes, I find these to be the some the beautiful moments.
There is a new movement from web developers to move away from using tables for placement of images and text elements. For accessibility we as developers are now to start using CSS2 and HTML. Which is all well and good for me. I mean it isn't a big change, I use CSS and DIV tags all the times, now I just need to start using positioning in my CSS. However there are a couple of issue that none of the articles seem to mention. First, writing code in this format, does not lend itself to liquid designs. So a page that scales in size is a lot more testing. Secondly, I just got my Jr. Web Developer proficient at using nested tables, and now I have to tell him, stop! Unlearn everything that you have been learning for the past two years. That isn't going to be a smooth transistion.

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