Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Family Tradition

First, I think it really says something about the state of things, that this evening I learned my Sister got injuried from her blog. Not a phone call, not an email, not even a voicemail, but by reading her blog. That being said she has carried on a fine family tradition. The tradition of course is completely down playing injuries and emergencies. You see she was sewing, to make a long story short she had the needle stab her in the finger and break off. Of course if that wasn't bad enough, the machine tried to keep going and really crushed her finger. What did she scream? What words of anger or panic came from her lips? None! That's right in the family tradition she just freed herself with her free hand, cleaned the wound and then went and told Mom.

Now this is just something we do. We don't yell or cry or cuss we just either let out a little growl or say something very subtle. An example of this, when I was fourteen, through a series of unfortunate events I managed to set the entire hallway floor on fire.  Flames are about three feet high and all along the floor, so did I scream, or cry or going running out the door? Of course not, I went and got Mom and sais "Mom, we have a problem". Of course the statement was completely true, but maybe just a little subtle for the Event.

Another example, my Brother J was framing up some walls, and we heard a misfire and a "errrr". Now anyone else we would think, that he was upset that they had a misfired, but in my family it means something happened. So we ran into the room were he working, he turned towards us with his thumb, in the cool Fonzie, "Aaaaa" position. We see that the nail went rightt through his thumb. So Dad without missing a beat, grabed his linemans pilers, grabed Js hand, and goes for the nail. Brother J was afraid that he was going to take his whole thumb off, and at the last second, Dad turns his hand and cuts the head of the nail off. Well, now the nail had to come out, and it has to go through, you can't back them out. So of course Dad says on the count of three. One, Two (now we know that Dad is going to pull it on two, he's been doing it since we were little kids), but just in case brother J braces for it on one. It was on two, and nail was out. And the only thing that J says is " I thought you were going to cut my thumb off".

Yet another example, Brother K is doing some framing, a making rip strips for fering out the walls. Well, as happens from time to time, the blade on the table saw reached up and bite him. Right on the top of his index finger. Of course in typical family style, he let out a growl. Well, J knew that it  was a "I am hurt bad come help me" growl. Anyone else would have wondered if he kicked a board or something. K, in typical K style, went down to the first aid kit and with the help of J, and bandaged up the finger so well that most medical professions would marveled at his handy work.

Family traditions, you have to love'em 


PixieStitch said...

ehehehe, really, its not that bad I just stabbed and smashed my finger is all. Wanna see the entry and exit point on my finger? *little laugh*
You know, I think I laughed more last night then I have any other night this week. And mom called the boys, so I figured they had done all that stuff!

Grandma K. said...

Dearest Grandson,
I Hope you put some of these family traditions in the book you & Zona are putting together.
Much love and many hugs and kisses.
Grandma K.
PP. Tell joy to be very careful or she will have to charge an extra ammount to cover getting part of her the garment she is making. smile.