Monday, June 07, 2004

Reality TV has gone too far..

So I am really starting to think this reality TV thing has to stop. I just read about a patent that some TV producer dreamed up for a show.  The concept:

A child adoption proceeding is conducted in the form of a television game show and online media event, wherein couples compete against each other to win legal custody of the child. Adoptive parents are selected using a vote-by-phone and/or Internet voting scheme, together with 24-hour surveillance of the prospective parents, which enables television viewers and Internet users to inspect prospective parent-contestants in detail before voting for the winning parents. The present invention overcomes inequities of state-run or private adoption agencies, permitting a fairer selection process while providing greater time and access to observe a pool of prospective parents.

This to me is just wrong. There are a lot of couples that have a lot of love to give and can't have children of thier own. They have a good heart and want to give a child that is not "their-own" in the biological sense a better home, a better live, hope. So what do we as the viewing audience do to these poor souls that have love to give and good hearts. We have them humiliate them on national TV to prove to audience that they are as good and kind as them seem. Lets make them compete against other people like themselves and see if it gets nasty. People that would watch a show like this are the same kind of people that watch car racing to see the crashes. What is wrong with the world that this can be granted a patent. I am sure it will be on FOX next session.

I have a better idea for a reality TV show. Let's call it, "Bad Family to Good Family".  It's really an easy concept. Lets get the same people that would be on Jerry Springer for a six pack of bud, and have 8 children by 8 different partners. The same people that view children as a punishment for getting drunk and having sex. Now we offer these people a keg of beer and per child. Of course they won't be able to refuse this offer. Now we take the children and give them to good loving families and watch them blosom in to the good and intellegent people the can be. That's it!

Of course this would never fly. It is a heart warming concept, and those are never put on TV. Also there are too many legal issues. For some reason the breeders have all the rights, which prevents their children from having the right to a good life in a loving home. So the breeders will continue to breed, and the childless parents will continue to long for a child to love, and the children of the breeders will desperately wanted to be loved. And the breeders, they will have their "kid" get them 'nother beer from the fridge.

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