Saturday, June 26, 2004

Early Saturday morning ride.

Well, I got up this morning (despite not really wanting to) and got myself ready and went for a ride. I rode just about 7 miles today. The route had some small hills, but being as out of shape as I am they felt like the alps. I am sure to USPS team they would of felt like pedaling up the drive way. But I did make it, and only stop to rest at stop lights (which feel way to short). I did learn something very important this morning. I need to get up earlier! Why, because apparently by 6:50am Saturday mornings, people (lots of them) are already out mowing their yards. So trying to ride back into shape, and being a asthmatic, allergic to grass, this combination didn't quite work out well for me. I think that is why I kind of bonked at mile 5. But I wouldn't get off the bike, I know that if I did my asthma would get the best of me and I wouldn't finish the ride. And after the flat tire the weekend before last, I wanted to finish a ride.

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Anonymous said...

Two things,
Mean people. I will throw fruit loops at them for you.

Secondly, the wouldn't let me use an html tag in my comment, was going to post funny picture but they are fuddy duddies. Ugh those brats, I throw fruit loops at them too.
This concludes my fruit loops throwing session.