Monday, June 21, 2004

The Browser Wars

Well it seems that the War of the Internet Browsers has started again. I know that some people would say that it never ended. While I admit that is true, the fighting wasn't as fast and furious as it is starting to get now. So what has changed to make this happen? A couple things, Mozilla/Netscape have had a couple of big leaps forward in their browser. Netscape 7.2/Mozilla Firefox 0.9 has been released and has been warmly received. It's a great browser, I love some of the features it has, such as tabbed windows. Which lets you have one window up with different web pages in each tab. This is such a desktop space saver that it has been adopted very quickly, by everyone but Microsoft. Of course those that Love Microsoft Internet Explorer, and want tabs can use MyIE2. It's a nice IE based browser that uses tabs. If your use to using keyboard shortcuts when you are browsing, you are going to have to relearn them for this browser.

So what is the fighting about? It's about standards of course. Mozilla has worked harded to be very standard compliant with the latest HTML, XHTML, CSS specifications from the W3C. And of course Microsoft's still in development version of IE has, supposedly taken some liberties with the specifications. This is a lot of talk on Channel 9 about this. Web Developers are asking the Microsoft team if they even care about them and their needs.

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Anonymous said...


Ouch. But true so true. The only reason I use IE is because of some of the things I have in my favorites list.
My main one is Opera. I love the encorporated mouse gestures, I find myself right button and moving the mouse to jump back and forward in programs that don't have it cause I'm just so use to the ease of it in Opera. There is a program that lets you program mouse gestures in, and use it for your other programs. Very nifty stuff.

Honestly, Microsoft truly is behind on the time. But the masses know the name 'Microsoft' and flock to it. *shakes head* Lemmings.

And tabbed is great indeed. I have my google search bar, my bookmarks, history, windows, all my typically keys(forward, back, reload, home, new) And all of my pages contained so I don't have fifty things cluttering my desktop or bottom bar.
I soo agree with you.
*places two cents on counters and walks away*