Friday, May 14, 2004

Bloggin Apps

Lately, I have been using BlogJet for my posts. It works pretty good and they just came out with their first version out of beta. For the most part it does what it does pretty well. However there are something that I want that it does seem to have. I like the simplcity of the interface, but I want it to support my stylesheet. On my blog site I have a pretty extensive stylesheet that controls the fonts, colors, sizes and a couple of other things. Well when I post I have to add a bunch of <span> tags and, I have to look at my styleshee to see which style I want. usually that isn't too big of a deal when it is just paragraphs or links. But when I put code examples up, it gets to be a workout. I end up spending as much time making it look right as I do writing the content.

I've looked around and other stuff out there that does use the stylesheet is more complicated. And believe it or not the whole reason for this blog is to get away from complicated web programming. I just want to type in my post, click a few buttons and publish it. So of course this got me thinking. I am just going to have to build my own blog utility. I've already written a WYSIWYG editor that works in Internet Explorer. It's actually in xsl. So all I need is to figure out how to get the post to the server right? Well Blogger has adopted the Atom API. Which means I can make my application connect through Web Services to the Server. This will let me add new post , update or delete older post. What really impressed me is how well they have documented the API. There is even a C# example of coding to the API. So I will work at writing a utlity to add to the mryiad of others out there.

I'll let you know how it goes. If it's any good I'll post it.

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