Thursday, April 22, 2004

Gone Ride Be Back Later

Well, tomorrow I am heading out with my Folks to go Camping and Dirt Riding. It should be a lot of funny and I am really looking forward to it.

Now I know that this week has been a little light on the post. What can I say, work has kept me pretty busy. I have written some very cool things though. We now have a web application that is using active directory. Not just for authentication, but also assigning roles by what groups the user is in. I wrote a fairly good xml based ASP.NET forms engine. It uses XSL and transforms a xml config file in to Web forms, that includes validation. I am going to be working on adding functionality to that and making it as good as I can. In fact once I get a couple more things polished we are going to start using it at work.

Now I know I still owe, the htmlGenerator, that takes xml and your xsl files and write you an html file. I will get it up here, I promise. I just need to takes some time to write a little documentation on it, before I set it free. But I have to tell you, I've been using the heck out if it. Infact on the ASP.NET form engine.

So next week, some more indept post on the path to Authenication with Active Directory (i.e. how to get the microsoft example code to actually work), ASP.NET webform from an XML template. (I love code that generates code...It makes me happy) and even a little talk about the Riding Trip.


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