Monday, March 22, 2004

First Review: Dell Latitude D800

So I got the laptop Friday morning, of course I wasn't able to get switched over in an afternoon. (despite how hard I tried) So this weekend took it home, and of course it passed the first test, the curbside appeal. My Beautiful Wife said that it was a very nice looking machine. (from a Mac user that is a very nice complement) The next test was the home network. I have a DLink WiFi router (802.11b, yeah, I know only "b" but, my DSL doesn't do 54mbps, yet so..) and of course it found it immediately. I had no problems with the connection all weekend long, in every room!.

I definitely think that ordering the faster 5400rpm harddrive was the way to go. Between the faster drive and 1gig of RAM it is amazing how fast applications open up. When I got into work today, the last test was completed. Dual Monitors. I have two flatscreens at work and it is something that I am very used to having. I've been running dual monitors since Windows 98. So it was important to me that it worked and it did. After a little Tinkering I set my 1st Monitor up with the DVI connection in the back of the port replicator and then the 2nd Monitor with the anolog VGA connection. They are working and looking great.

The screen on the laptop itself is simply stunning, the color depth and the resolution is awesome.

I can tell that this is going to be a real workhorse of a laptop. I am sure that we will create many wonderful apps together.

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