Monday, February 09, 2004

New Must have App

So Ed today finds this new "Must have" app. And he was right. A little background is order. At work we are a Microsoft shop. So we have applications that are written just for IE 5.5 and above. These are internal applications where some of the MS-only functionality is helpful and allowable. However I hate the fact that Internet Explorer doesn't have tabs. Netscape had it, Opera has it, Firefox has it but not IE. So what Ed found was MyIE2. So not only did they write it to use the Internet Explorer Engine for Rendering pages, it will also use the Gecko engine too. This is the best of both world for me. I can see how pages will render in two different browsers types and use tabs. Tabs are so nice, because you can have multiple browsers open in one window. Which beats having three or four IE windows up like I had to do before today.

Jim, my friend from the train has started a new site, This is his second EverQuest related site. For those of you who don't know EverQuest is the largest Online RPG. He also runs another EQ (EverQuest) site called EQ Interface which is focused on EQ interface mods and improvements. If EQ is your cup of tea, I suggest checking out Jim's sites.

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