Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The day after a rain

There is something about the day after a rain here in So. Cal.. The skys are so beautiful, the air is freshing and cleansing. Even the trees seem to be smiling. Of course the ones without leaves are feeling a little embarrassed about being sans verge with the weather being so nice. Outside my window here at work, I see the lovely swaying of green trees with the purple mountains serving as a back drop. The Blue sky with the light whispy clouds that act like they have nothing to do but hang around and watch the day go by. It's hard not to just stare out there into space and do nothing.However that isn't going to happen.

We just got out of an interview with a new canidate for the eMarketing position here at work. The person we interviewed seemed to know what they are doing. They would probably be a good fit. But change is hard. I worked with KrissV for two years. She's my friend. So its hard to think that, there wll be this new person, who you are going to be working with for x amount of years. And of course questions pop up in your head that you can't really answer or even ask of this new person. How this affects you, your workload? Is this going to be a nice person, that is easy to get along with, or are they going to fight you on every point all of the time? It all comes down to time, I guess. Working with KrissV was easy because we had spend enough time working together that we knew where the limits were. Now there is a new person and you have to invest the time in finding out where the limits are going to be. Like I said change is hard. I didn't used to think that, but as I grow older, change grows more difficult.

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