Thursday, January 29, 2004

Jason Mraz : Waiting for my Rocket to Come

So the other day we got the Jason Mraz album "Waiting for my Rocket to Come". The only song I had really heard from the album is "You and I both". This was poppy and had a beautiful acoustic ring of a up and coming Signer song writer. So we got it. I listened to this album over and over again today. I couldn't stop. Mraz has to be one of the best lyricist to come around in a long time.

There some song on this album that you will just finding yourself singing along by the second verse. (to the horror of my co-workers). I was amazed at the diversity on this album. I expected acoustic pop, and I got that, but I also got funky groove, regae moves and outstanding lyrics and one of the best new voices to come to rock in a while. Songs like "Curbside Prophet," have the great feel, of classic J. Love, with some Nashville funk thrown in. While "I'll Do Anything" has an amazing reggae beat, with smooth lyrics flowing in to a melodic chorus, while avoiding lyrical cliches`that would of been easy to fall into. I think the song "The Remedy" will be the next song that gets radio play from this album. It has that pop rock feel, with out feeling like a teen bopper hit. It's obvious from this album that Mraz influences are many and diverse. Which for me is really nice to hear.

The other thing that impress me is Mraz website, someone was smart enough to figure out you have to give some music away to sell it. There are seven mp3s for the download. But I'm telling you that after listening to those songs you are going to want the album.

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