Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kids say the darnest things.

Kids say the darnest things, an old but very true saying. My Beautiful wife experienced that today. After The Little Boys second day of Kiderngarten (how come that is so much harder to spell then first grade) she took him to McDonald's for lunch. Anyhow apparently they have some special marketing going on with Disney about the Disneyland 50th anniversary, so kids are getting Disneyland toys in there happy meals. Well, the Little Boy got “Tinkerbell”. He was so excited he ripped the package open, and figure it all out, put her together and put her stand together, set her on it. Then he thought a moment, picked her up by the feet and shook her. Then with a very disappointed little voice said, “She’s broke, there’s no pixie dust”.

I told this story to one of my buddies here at work and he told me of a couple of great little things his daughter had said. The first one, she was playing with a plastic “magic wand” and noticed that it was working like it does in the movies, she then said “Mama, the magic isn’t working, it must need new batteries.” The second one was his wife had just bought six live crabs for a dinner they were having. With all of the crabs in the sink, his little girl watched them all and noticed that one wasn’t moving any more. She looked up at her Mom and said in a matter of fact tone. “That ones batteries ran out”.

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