Saturday, April 16, 2005

Boys Vs. Bordem

I was hanging out with my brother K this afternoon, and we were talking about stuff we did as a kid as we're watching TV. We talked about all the stuff the basically would of got us in trouble at the time, but now is just funny. Like the day we figured out two important things. One unpopped popcorn can fit through a straw and that we could hold a lot of kernels in our mouth. Second that the shopvac can clean up unpopped popcorn kernels with eaze. We figured that we could shoot about 20 rounds a second. And that if we teamed up, our little brother and sister didn't stand a chance.

We came up with other ways to fight bordem as well. Cleaning was one of the things that we figured could use some fun. For example our livingroom growing up at a title floor. We would get the chore of mopping the floor. This was one of those chores we would wait till Mom and Dad left to go grocery shopping to do. Mostly because we would cover the whole floor with soap and water and then take a good run from the other room, and hit that soapy floor and do our best to slide on our feet to the other side of the room. Now I know what you are thinking, hard concrete floor with title, and young boys sliding on it, what could go wrong? Believe it or not, we might have fallen once or twice, which resulted in some bruised sides. Fortunely there was never any broken furniture to give us away.

Another one we came up with, we called slap fighting. Now while this may sound nice and innocent, it was just a little violent. Let me explain the rules. First, you take off your shirt, and remove all furniture and animals that may get in the way, or ran over. Then you take turns running after each other open hand slapping each other as hard as you can, whoever leaves the biggest whelt wins. I do have to say that K won more of these than I did. The best of of these slap fights, I had just got K, so he had to get me, as I ran into our room, he got me, just as I tripped over the corner of the his bed, and flew across the the room and landed on my bed, we laughed so hard we cried.

Now don't think that K got all the licks in. Once, we were sitting in Dad's truck right around lunch time, Dad was in a store getting some supplies, and I figured out that I could connect two or three straws together and kind of rifle them together. Well now that I had this I had to use it, so I grabbed one of those toothpicks with the cellophane on the end. Now I just needed a target, and well brother K got to be the first target. What I didn't know, that the tooth pick would stick. K didn't know it was going to either, so he had a toothpick stuck in the side of his head. I'm justt really glad that he ducked. It could of been worse.


PixieStitch said...

*Falls out of chair to the floor heaving for air from laughter*

Anonymous said...

Ah hahahaha!!!
*lol* 'tis way funny.
and you weren't sooo bored after all.

harrydeb said...

April 24, 2005 4:32 PM


Sounds like you and your cousinsin the East have the same DNA.

Harry & Debbie