Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Something new

So every once in a while something comes your way that is completely a new concept to you. Today that happened to me. At work we were looking at some pictures of my co-worker's/friend's cat, Kevin the feline wonder, when she showed us a picture of her friends new hypoallergenic, Irish Setter. I repeated it to make sure I heard her correctly, the dog was hypoallergenic. I thought that I was getting my leg pulled, so of course I googled it. Come to find out that certian breeds of dogs, either have no hair, or only have one coat, and don't have as much dander as regular dogs. So people with allergies can usually have one of these pets. There are quite a few dog breeds to choice from, some terriers, poodles, and some that I can't even pronounce. In all fairness I had to look and see if there were any hypoallergenic cats, and there is one breed, the Siberian cats. There is also one company claiming that the have a genetically modified cat that is a british short hair. However it seems a little strange to me to modify the DNA of a cat, just because your allergic to it.  

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PixieStitch said...

You are forgetting a cat. The Devonshire Rex.