Sunday, February 06, 2005

Video Games just might save your life

So this afternoon on the way home from my Folks' house, I had one of those near misses that make you have to change your drawers. I'm going south bound in the fast lane of a four lane street. Three cars are lined up to turn left in to the supermarket on the northbound side. Well, this person in third position doesn't see me and decides that he can just turn left in the the secondary driveway, and pass up the "hold up" (hold up being, good drivers waiting for it to be clear to turn left).  He pulls out, I see him, and stomp on the brakes (Toyota's awesome antilock brakes, but I still got them to lock up) and went to where he had been in the median. So I missed him by about two feet, and had to steer back in to my lane because of oncoming traffic. This all happened in a millisecond.  So how did I know what to do? Video Games, pure and simple! I credit video games for my evasive manuevering skills. The hours I've spend honing my driving and reactions on video games sure paid off this afternoon. So if you think your skills could use a little refinement, might I suggest Colin Mcrae Rally 2005.

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PixieStitch said...

A few things:
1:"Don't Laugh! Don't Laugh! They'll think you did it on purpose!"

2: Yes, and those skills came in handy a few times on the 57 freeway on the way to work.