Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Is your car running?

This post is an actual story that one of my friends from the train told me. This actually happened to him. The fact this story is completely true makes it that much funnier. To protect the innocent we will call him "Artist guy". As his name implies, Artist guy is an artist. He works for one of the cartoon studios in southern california. I could tell you which one, but that would be like name dropping, which of course I only reserve to impress people in person. But I digress, while Artist guy is very well, artistic, he admits that his mechanical talents are not at the same level as his artistic ones. So when his Dad comes to visit from somewhere back east, some city that's windy. His Dad helps him take care of all of his home and auto repairs, as well as helping him organize his tools and such.

Well one day Artistic guy got home pretty late, 2am or so, and after pulling into his garage, he turns the key to turn the car off. He pulls the key, and  opens the door, but, the car is still running. So he looks at the car, and looks in the key in hand, and goes, that's not right. So in a little bit of a panic he calls roadside service. Of course, they ask if he was stuck on the side of the road, of which he wasn't, so they said "Sorry, we can't help you." So, he switches to plan a2, he calls the Auto Club, but, pretty much gets the same response from them. Well, now it's about 3am, however it's 5am where his Dad lives. So he calls his Dad and of course his Dad knows just what to do.

Artistic Guy: Dad, My car keeps running, I turned it off and have the keys in my hand, but its still going.

Artistic Guy's Dad: Okay, so what you'll need to do is disconnect the battery.

Artistic Guy: How do I do that?

Artistic Guy's Dad: Don't worry, I will talk you through it. First, you're going to need your cresent wrench.

Artistic Guy: Do I have a cresent wrench?

Artistic Guy's Dad: Yeah, it's in the second drawer on the left in the kitchen, right next to the screwdrivers.

Artistic Guy: Oh, I do! Cool, okay I got it.

Artistic Guy's Dad: Now you'll need some gloves.

Artistic Guy: Do I have any gloves?

Artistic Guy's Dad: Yes, They are in the second floor bathroom in the cabinet under the sink.

Artistic Guy: How do you know this?

Artistic Guy's Dad: I'm a Dad, I'm suppose to know these things, now lets go out to the car disconnect the battery.

Artistic Guy: (Going out to the garage, and reaches inside and pops the hood) Okay, I got the hood open.

Artistic Guy's Dad: Umm, the battery in your car is in the trunk.

Artistic Guy:(Opens the trunk) Okay, at the trunk.

Artistic Guy's Dad: Now take the battery cover off, and you'll see two terminals, one with a plus sign and another with a minus sign. You have to take one of them off. (Artistic Guy reaches for the plus sign terminal) you want to take off the minus sign on.

Artist Guy: (taking the terminal off the battery and the car stops running) Hey, it stopped! Thanks Dad.



PixieStitch said...

That is fabulous! Too funny! Thanks for sharing. That made me smile, and after the stupenduously stupid thing I did(dropped my camera into a cup of coffee) this afternoon I needed a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just to funny! It reminds me of a story I heard once about this great big burly (creampuff) construction guy.

It was about 2 o'clock in the morning when this big burly guy and his wife were cleaning house. (They where giving his mother and father an aniversary party the next day with about 40 guests.) So they were in the kitchen with the back door open taking out the trash, when a little brown mouse darted into the kitchen and ran behind the washing machine.

Now this big tough guy does a squeal, not quite a "Little Girl" squeal but almost and then does a "I'm outta here dance".

His wife following him outside says, "Oh, honey what are we going do, how are we going to get him outta here?"

The big burly creampuff says, "Lets call my Dad, he will know what to do!"

Just goes to show you that no matter how big, tough and capable they are, DAD is still the one who knows what to do in crisis situations!