Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Picked a good day to drive

 So I can count the days that I drive to work on one hand. Today was one of the days. Most of the time I take the metrolink in to work. Well if you've seen the news, you know that today was a much better day to drive than to take the train. If you haven't seen the news, there were two metrolink trains collided and derailed. If I had been on the train today, I would of been on the train after this incident, because I take the same line. One of my co-workers was on train after that one and has been trying to get to work for a couple hours now.

Anyhow here are some links to the info about it.
Metrolink Trains


PixieStitch said...

And we are all glad you did.
The Tacks called to make sure you were okay. And send their love to you and your family. *hugs*

Russ said...

That was sure sweet of them. I hope you gave them my love.