Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Little Boy goes for a joy ride

This post is written mostly by my Beautiful Wife. I have only changed the names to protect the guilty.

Here is her Tale:

 This morning The Little Boy (Are we really sure he is just 4 years old) put on his "superhero" shirt and said he was going to go see stepbrother. He put the leash on Max the Wonder Puppy, took the car keys down from the hook by the door and went outside to the car. He put Max the Wonder Puppy in the back seat, took his carseat, placed it in the drivers seat, pushed the button and moved the chair forward to the steering wheel.

 Released the emergency brake and put the keys in the ignigtion. He then started the car....

I had been watching from the door never in a million years thinking he had the process down to this extent. When he started the car I went out and dragged his screamming and kicking body, along with Max the Wonder Puppy back in the house.
I am now getting my clothes on and am going to take them to go for a hike and a long talk about how some things are just for grownups.

As I was explaining that he couldnt drive the car becasue it wasnt safe for him, HE explained to ME that, "I honk the horn at people. Its okay, seee." I think the trouble is going to come in convincing him that he isnt big enough to do it and after him going through the process of starting the car, Im not really sure he couldn't be a better driver than most of the people out there on the road.

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