Monday, December 06, 2004

Information Architecture

In implementing any good website you need to layout the information in a logically format and flow. This is called "Information Architecture". Truth betold this is just as important to how useful and usable your website as the design. Now I know that some designers out there would disagree with me, but if the navigation doesn't make sense, people aren't going to stay at your site for very long.  However there isn't nearly as many online articles on IA as there are for making those apple-like gel buttons in photoshop. So here is a list of some articles that I find useful.


Nick said...

I would tend to disagree here about the number of articles on IA out there. Here is a good list of IA resources... and here us a whole magazine dedicated to the subject... and a Wiki and here is a blog ...all focused on the topic of IA.

Russ said...

I agree that there are a lot of great articles out their on AI. My point was that in relation to photoshop articles on creating design elements which I seem to stumble across all the time, IA articles weren't as plentiful. And in my opinion IA is more important then the creative elements.