Monday, December 13, 2004

Homemade iPod ad

I thought that this was very interesting. George Masters has created his own version of an iPod commercial. There is a great article about this on wired. In short, he has created a great 60 second commercial that is up to the apple standard. If you ask me they should hire him straight away.


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, thats very impressive. BUT, how is he at servitude for a cat? Sure he can make fancy grafx, but what about a fancy patte' for a picky feline?
That girl you left me in the care of, this morning would Only put down one can of cat food! And she refused to put down a second can until I finish whats already out! Look if I wanted the canned food don't you think I would have eaten it! I want the gravy, now open that second can. Its soo hard to find good help these days.

Russ said...

Rufus... I thought I told you not to post when you are drunk... Agghaa some cats.

Anonymous said...

It was Milk! I swear it!
Don't believe me, ask the girl shes the one that poured it over the food instead of giving me another can of cat food.
It was Milk I tell You, MILK! *hiccup*