Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Work Math

So I am having a hard time figuring something out. Maybe you can help me. Why is it, that when I am going to take a couple days off, I end up getting projects that have to be done before I leave, and require me to work the same amount of time as if I weren't taking the days off? So here is the equation as I see it.

"Normal" Work Week  

8hrs X 5 = 40hrs

Last Week

(11hrs X 6) = 4hrs = 70hrs

(8hrsX3) -(8hrsX2) + (4hrs OT X 3) = 36 hrs

Okay by my math, I'm only four hours short for the week, working just the three days. If it's just four hours, are they really days off, or just hours that have been rearrange to appear to be days off.

You be the Judge.


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