Sunday, November 14, 2004

It's offical, I am an adult

This evening the American Music Awards is on, and I can't watch it. I tried, I really and truly tried and I just couldn't do it. I watch the opening with Gwen Stefani, and could only watch 30 seconds of it before I had to change the channel. I turned back 20 minutes later and there was this rap/R&B/ridiculous noise "act". I didn't know what that noise was, I just knew that it wasn't music.

 So I thought that is it, I'm never watching any of those music award shows again. They don't televise the music that deserves the awards, just the music that the A&R guys have pushed down the publics throw and have told kids it is cool. They only televise the "Performers" that have to lip sync to their "own" songs.  The other acts they televise are the people that really know how to over sing a song. They sing these vocal "runs" that are the vocal equivalent of a 3 minute guitar solo.

Now, instead of getting to watch my favorite show "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" because the award show is on, so I watched the 5 time Emmy winner "Arrested Development". Which is funny, but just a little on the twisted side. So I am an adult, who can't stand the music that is "popular" by todays standards..... Thank goodness

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Anonymous said...

Oh come on, you knew this earlier, its for the same reasons that we really don't listen to the radio anymore. Because its not really about music. And its like the stataions play the same 20 songs over and over again and is heavily littered with commercials, much like last nights aforementioned 'Awards Show'.

Thank goodness for streaming music. :p