Friday, October 08, 2004

Talking too Fast

This morning I was on the phone with another developer. He is lead/Sr. developer of one of our vendors. He was talking about some new functionality that they were rolling out and the new middle tier that they were going to be using. You know all the technically mumbo jumbo, that makes most people's eyes glaze over, and give you that blank, "If I just keep looking at him, maybe I will have a clue as to what he is saying" stare. Anyhow, I noticed that he was talking really fast. I thought about that, and when I am talking about a tech project that I really enjoy, I talk really fast too. It makes me think that the connections in the brain that we use for tech stuff move so fast that our poor mouths just can't keep up. It's really funny to hear a guy that in a social situation, you can maybe get 100 words out of in two hours, give you 1000 words in 2 minutes when talking about the tech projects.


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